10. April 2018

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2018

119 countries in the Global South are critically in debt. The debt trend continues: in 87 of these countries, the situation has worsened in the last four years. 13 countries have ceased payments to creditors. These are the results of the Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2018.

The Debt Monitor 2018 uses three dimensions to evaluate the debt situation of countries in the Global South. Firstly, the debt situation, i.e. the level of debt indicators as at 31 December 2016; secondly, the trend, i.e. the change in this debt situation over a period of four years; and thirdly, any suspension of debt service payments by individual countries are taken into consid­eration.

For the first time, the report illustrates the three dimensions of debt in a world map.

Please click here to download the Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2018.