15. April 2024

Out now: Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2024

Compared to the years during the COVID-19 crisis, in some countries of the Global South the debt situation has slightly eased. For most countries there, however, the debt situation remains tense. In 130 of the 152 countries surveyed in the Global South, the debt situation is at least slightly critical; in 24 of these countries, the situation is very critical. Overall, 55% of the countries surveyed are critically or very critically indebted – in contrast to only 37% before the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2024, countries in the Global South have to make more debt service payments to their external creditors than ever before. For 45 countries, more than 15% of government revenue flows into debt servicing.



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Austerity, dispossession and injustice: Facets of the debt crisis in Sri Lanka
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15 April 2024

Editors: erlassjahr.de and Misereor

Originally published 9 April 2024 as “Schuldenreport 2024” (in German)