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Global Sovereign Debt Monitor

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2024 (full report)

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2023 (full report)

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2022 (full report) 

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2021 (full report)

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2020 (full report)

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2019 (extract)

Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2018 (extract)

Focus Papers

Focus Paper 11: “Alleviating Ukraine’s (legacy) debt burden during the war – what are the options?” (2024)

Focus Paper 10: “‘Debt crisis not yet bad enough’ – How creditors downplay the need to act” (2023)

Focus Paper 9: “The Potential of National Legislation for the Fair Resolution of Global Debt Crises” (2023)

Focus Paper 8: “Ukraine: War and Debt Crisis” (2022)

Focus Paper 7: “Vulnerability as a basis for debt relief – The Multidimensional Vulnerability Index” (2022)

Focus Paper 6: “Debt sustainability in times of climate disaster and corona – How to achieve a realistic assessment of crisis impacts?” (2021)

Focus Paper 5: “Frequent arguments against the participation of multilateral development banks in debt relief – An analysis and response” (2021)

Focus Paper 4: “From growth optimism to a lost development decade – The dangerous role of the IMF in the crisis of the Global South” (2020)

Focus Paper 3: “A debt moratorium for whom? How, in 2020, debt relief is not helping those who need it most” (2020)

Focus Paper 2: “China as a Creditor of Countries in the Global South” (2020)

Focus Paper 1: “Action, not obstruction!” (2019)

Focus Paper: “Arguments against a Sovereign Debt Workout Mechanism (SDWM)” (2018)

Educational Material

Educational Material: Sovereign debt and climate change (2020)

Educational Material: Debt crises affect people (2018)

Other Papers and Articles

Position paper: “Bringing all creditors on board! What the German government can do to ensure the participation of all creditors in comprehensive debt cancellation.” (2023), by, Brot für die Welt and Misereor

Position paper: “Reform proposals to implement the mandate in the 2021-2025 German coalition agreement to support a sovereign debt workout mechanism” (2023),

Analysis: “Understanding IMF Debt Sustainability Analyses. A Toolkit for CSOs to critically engage with the IMF” (2023), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Study: “The IMF program in Egypt: Bailout for Egypt or the IMF?” (2023), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Analysis: “A Decade of Rosy Forecasts. How the IMF underestimated debt risks in the MENA region” (2022), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Position Paper: “(How) can the Common Framework be improved? An assessment of current proposals” (2022),

Analysis: “No more loans? How creditors torpedo debt relief initiatives” (2021), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Paper: “The Tunisian Debt Crisis in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Debt Repayments over Human Rights?” (2021), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Tunisia (also available in Arabic)

Policy Briefing: “The New Debt Crisis and What to Do about it. Policy Proposals and Political Opportunities” (2021), in cooperation with Global Policy Forum, Brot für die Welt and MISEREOR

Article: “Small Island Developing States and their Vulnerability to the Climate, Debt and Covid-19 Crisis” (2021), for the Norwegian network SLUG – Nettverk for rettferdig gjeldspolitikk

Study: “Climate change, Debt and COVID-19 – Analysing the Triple Crisis with a New Climate Disaster and Debt Risk Indicator and Building Forward for a Resilient Recovery, Based on Climate Justice” (2021), in cooperation with Brot für die Welt

Study: “Sovereign Debt Relief as a Global Power Issue. A Political Economy Analysis” (2021), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Study: “One Made it out of the Debt Trap” (2013), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Study: “Resolving Sovereign Debt Crisis” (2013), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Publicaciones en Espanol

Análisis “El Desendeudamiento de los Estados como Cuestión de Poder Global. Un análisis político-económico” (2021), in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Información especializada Nº 1: “Moratoria de pago: ¿para quién? El alivio de la deuda en 2020 queda lejos de las necesidades” (2020),

Other Material

Video “Debt relief as response to the Corona-induced recession: What next?” (September 2020) [YouTube]

Publications by CFJ

We were partners of the 3-year project “Citizens for Financial Justice” (2018-2020), funded by the European Union. Here you find a selection of their central publications.

Report “Gambling with our lives: Confronting global health and climate emergencies in the age of financialisation” (2020), available in English and Spanish.

Video “Alice in Moneyland” (2020)