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5.12.2018 | 19:0020:30 | Berlin

Veranstaltung: Infrastructure, PPP and debt: the case of Uganda

Ankündigung des Veranstalters:

While infrastructure can be crucial for economic development, putting money into the projects can be very costly and consume large resources which then are missing for other needs. Infrastructure is also increasingly financed by private or foreign-state investors which can lead particularly unsustainable debt. Also, the true size of debt is then often concealed. The question thus is: How is it possible to have transparency on all investments and to focus on the right infrastructure projects? What is the role of international development banks like the German KfW?

  • Speakers:
  • Julius Kapwepwe from the Ugandan Debt Network will present on the general situation in Uganda.
  • Markus Henn from WEED will present a case study on the Public-Private Partnership Project Bujagali Dam which is co-financed by the German KfW development bank and which is turning out to be a financially disastrous decision of the Ugandan Government.

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Bonhoeffer Hotel
Ziegelstr. 30, Berlin


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